WSQ Professional Conversion Programme

  • Course Info
  • Entry Requirement
  • Course Fees
  • Commencement Dates
Course Objectives
  • To develop well-rounded professionals who are ready to take up supervisory/middle management positions within Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd, Commonwealth Travel Corporation Pte Ltd and the Tourism Industry through place-andtrain programme.
WSQ Handle Air Ticketing & Reservations
  • Make airline ticket and reservations
  • Issue tickets and invoices
  • Handle refunds and cancellations
  • Handle travel visas
WSQ Acquire Travel Industry Knowledge
  • Describe types of travel
  • Describe travel terms
  • Describe world geography
  • Describe IATA codes
  • Understand time zone differences and flying times
  • Describe travel insurance
WSQ Develop & Implement Business Strategies
  • Evaluating status of business
  • Developing and implementing business plan
  • Developing and implementing policies and/or procedures
  • Monitoring income, expenses and control systems
WSQ Comply with Legal Requirements
  • Liaising with regulatory agencies
  • Acquiring licenses and permits
  • Complying with regulations
WSQ Develop & Implement Budget
  • Developing budget
  • Managing accounting and cash controls
  • Auditing financial procedures
  • Implementing budget
WSQ Manage Training
  • Conducting training needs assessment
  • Developing training plan
  • Implementing training plan
  • Evaluating training effectiveness
WSQ Appraise/Evaluate Staff
  • Planning/scheduling performance appraisal
  • Conducting performance appraisal interview
  • Encouraging staff development
  • Using reward or recognition systems
WSQ Handle Terminations, Dismissals & Resignations
  • Terminating employees
  • Importance of following security procedures
  • Processing resignations
WSQ Manage Loss Prevention
  • Developing loss prevention policies and procedures
  • Managing pilferage
  • Controlling damage or spoilage
WSQ Conduct Situational Analysis
  • Researching trends and markets
  • Reviewing image of business or organisation
  • Profiling customer segments
  • Summarising analysis
WSQ Develop Marketing Strategies
  • Developing new products and/or services
  • Determining pricing structures
  • Developing bundling/packaging of products and services
  • Developing promotional strategies
  • Developing loyalty programmes
WSQ Develop Relationships New Corporate Clients
  • Develop prospect lists
  • Review image of business or organisation
  • Attend networking functions
  • Establish contact with potential clients
WSQ Optimise Sales
  • Directing staff to maximise sales
  • Analysing and monitoring sales
  • Applying yield management principles
WSQ Manage Logistics
  • Selecting site/venue
  • Developing food and beverage operations plan
  • Selecting entertainment, activities and attractions
  • Developing registration/accreditation process
  • Developing hospitality programme
WSQ Manage Travel Operations
  • Managing operations
  • Contracting services
WSQ Manage High Volume Customer Contact & Communication
  • Managing high volume customer service response
  • Managing high volume customer service delivery
  • Evaluating and continuously improving high volume service contact and operations

::: Duration

Mar 2010 - Dec 2010 (Register by 7 February 2010)

::: Mode of Instruction

Lectures, discussions, demonstrations, case-studies, practical exercises, activities and assessments.

::: Certification

Upon successful completion of the programme, trainee will receive 16 WSQ Statement of Attainments and a WSQ Diploma in Tourism. WSQ Diploma in Tourism offered by TMIS can be articulated into second year of the Southern Cross University Bachelor of Business in Tourism Management offered in TMIS.
Entry Requirement
  • GCE ‘O’ Level with credits in English and Mathematics OR
  • WSQ Advanced Certifi cate OR
  • WSQ ESS Workplace Literacy & Numeracy Level 5
  • AND at least 2 years of relevant work experience
Amount (SGD)
Course Fee 10,700
Less WDA Funding (90% of Tuition Fee) 7,200.00
Nett Course Fee for Eligible Singaporeans and PRs 1,144.90 (inclusive of GST)

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Form of PaymentCash or Cheque.

Terms & Conditions for WDA Funding

  • Applicant must be a Singaporean or a Singapore PR.
  • Applicant must achieve 100% attendance for every module and apprenticeship.
  • Re-assessment fee are not funded.
  • Applicant must pass the interview conducted by TMIS and by the selection panel.
  • Successful applicant MUST sign a letter of undertaking to indicate that he/she fully understands the terms and conditions for the WDA funding.
  • Completed the 16 WSQ Statement of Attainments.
  • Stay employed with the company (Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation or Chan Brothers Travel) for at least 10 months after the completion of the programme.

Withdrawal / Refund
% of Refundable Course Fee If Trainee’s written notice of withdrawal is received
100% of total course fee
(except for Application Fee if any)
14 days or more before the Commencement Date
70% of course fee
(except for Application Fee if any)
Less than 14 days before the Commencement Date
No refund* After the Commencement Date


  1. All refunds will be made in Singapore Dollars within seven (7) days after receiving the written notice.
  2. A trainee who transfers from one course to another (within TMIS) shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the course and the provisions of the above refund policy will apply unless otherwise agreed between TMIS and the company/trainee.

* On a case-by-case basis, TMIS, Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd, Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation Pte Ltd and WDA may review the quantum of refund to the trainee after the trainee has commenced his/her programme course. The sole and fi nal decision will rest with TMIS, Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd, Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation Pte Ltd and WDA.

Class Commencement Dates
  • Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm: 438 hours of classroom training at TMIS (5.5 months)


    Attached to any 2 of the business units (4.5 months, 6 working days per week)
    - Operations
    - Ticketing
    - Counter Sales
    - Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events
Candidate will receive a training stipend of S$15,000 for the 10 months (S$1,300 per month and a bonus of $2,000 upon successful completion of the programme).

Limited to 25 participants per intake
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