WSQ Butler Service Delivery (L2)

Course Overview

The Certificate in Green Butlering is a comprehensive program designed for elite professionals in the butler industry. The course focuses on delivering personalized service that goes beyond mere tasks and anticipates guests' wants. With the increasing global emphasis on sustainability, butlers must possess knowledge of eco-friendly approaches in areas such as energy and water conservation, waste management, and sustainable sourcing.

The certificate program consists of four stackable modules that can be studied independently or as a bundle. It provides deep skills in providing luxury and personalized butler services, with a particular focus on sustainability trends in modern consumerism.

By completing this certificate program, butlers will acquire the necessary skills to excel in their roles, provide exceptional service, and contribute to sustainability initiatives in their organizations.

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Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of personalized and exceptional butler service.
  • Implement eco-friendly practices in energy, water, and waste management.
  • Create sustainable and memorable guest experiences.
  • Provide luxury in-room dining while considering sustainability.
  • Maintain high standards of sustainable housekeeping and butlering practices.
  • Offer expert concierge and valet services with a focus on sustainability.
  • Handle VIPs, cultural customs, special requests, and challenging situations professionally and effectively.

Course Outline

Module 1: The Art of Butlership - Mastering the Steps of a Butler's Role 

  1. The Modern Butler and Contemporary Guest Needs
  2. Ethics and Behaviour   
  3. Dress Code and Deportment 
  4. Responsibilities 
  5. Security and Privacy

Module 2: Creating Sustainable “Winning” First Impressions 

  1. Pre-Arrival Responsibilities 
  2. Welcoming and Checking-in of Guest 
  3. Rooming the Guest 
  4. Turn Down Service 
  5. In-Room Dining and Serving Meals 
  6. Sustainable Housekeeping and Butlering 
    1. Energy conservation
    2. Water conservation
    3. Waste management and recycling
    4. Sustainable sourcing and procurement 
    5. Basic sustainable floral arrangement

Module 3: Concierge and Valet Services  

  1. Attractions and Getting Around 
  2. Luxury Brands and Fine Dining 
  3. Care for Fine Garment and Shoes

Module 4: Spa Arrangement 

  1. Spa Treatments and Wellness Benefits 
  2. Aromatherapy and Healing Effects

Module 5: Managing VIPs 

  1. Understanding Cultures and Customs 
  2. Hosting Dignitaries and State Events 
  3. Using Correct Forms of Address 
  4. Understanding Service Protocols 
  5. Handling Special Requests 
  6. Handling Challenging Situation

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for individuals who wish to excel in the field of butlering. Butlers are esteemed professionals who strive to exceed expectations by delivering personalized and exceptional service.

Course Duration

  • 16.0 hr(s)

Mode of Assessment

Written Assessment, Oral Questioning, Written Test

Certificate Obtained and Conferred by

  • Upon meeting the attendance and assessment(s) criteria, participants will be awarded with a digital Statement of Attainment (SOA), accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore.
  • Upon meeting the attendance and assessment(s) criteria, participants will be awarded with a digital Certificate of Completion from NTUC LearningHub.

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