WSQ Butler Service Delivery (L3)

Course Overview

This comprehensive course focuses on butlership and modern hospitality service, catering to professionals in the hospitality industry. It covers a range of essential topics, including understanding duty of care, supervisory skills, and promoting workplace safety. Participants will explore the role of a "Super Host" and learn about various VIP services, including serving celebrity guests, high-profile executives, and dignitaries. The course also delves into the rise of the Asian butler, emphasizing etiquette, cultural awareness and Asian cuisines.

Moreover, the course addresses sustainability in guest engagement, incorporating green practices, energy conservation, and ethical consumption. Participants will explore the use of technology for personalized luxury experiences and develop strategies for building stakeholder relationships. The training further covers effective service recovery techniques, documentation of irregularities, and dynamic leadership skills for providing exceptional personalized service.

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Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Acquire essential skills for effective butlership and modern hospitality service.
  • Understand the duty of care in a hospitality establishment and promote workplace safety and health.
  • Become a proficient Super Host catering to VIP guests, high-profile executives, and dignitaries.
  • Explore the rise of the Asian butler, mastering cultural awareness, etiquette, and Asian cuisines.
  • Implement sustainability practices in guest engagement, encompassing green cleaning, ethical consumption, and sustainable cuisine.
  • Learn service recovery strategies, handling irregularities, and developing dynamic leadership for exceptional personalized service.

Course Outline

  1. Butlership: Epitome of the Modern Host
    1.1 Understanding Duty of Care in a Hospitality Establishment
    1.2 Supervising and Performing Start-of-Shift
    1.3 Supervising and Performing End-of-Shift
    1.4 Promoting Workplace Safety and Health
  2. The Super Host
    2.1 Common Types of VIP Status and Services
    1. Celebrity Guests
    2. High-Profile and C-Suite Executives
    3. Dignitaries and Government Officials
    4. Loyalty Program Members
    5. Special Occasion Guests
    6. VIP Package Guests
    7. Elite Travelers

    2.2 The Rise of the Asian Butler
    1. Origin of Asian Butlers
    2. Etiquette, Protocol and Cultural Awareness (include Chinese Business Culture)
    3. Art and Aesthetics (include Calligraphy and Fengshui)
    4. Asian Cuisines and Food Service (include Chinese Banquet)
    5. Tea Culture
    6. Luxury and Personal Service (include TCM Wellness)
    2.3 Sustainability in Guest Engagement
    1. Environmental Sustainability and Green Cleaning
    2. Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation
    3. Ethical Consumption and Sustainable Cuisine
    4. Incorporating Technology for Personalization and Luxury

    2.4 Building Stakeholder Relationships
  3. Turning Disappointments into Delighted Moments: Irregularities in Butler Service Operations and Service Recovery Strategies
    3.1 Types of Potential Irregularities in Butlering Services
    3.2 Handling Various Irregularities as a Butler 3.3 Proper Documentation of Irregularities and its Importance for the Professional Butler
  4. Dynamic Leadership in Butler Service
    4.1 Effective Delegation
    4.2 Team Dynamics and Motivation
    4.3 Coaching Techniques for Exceptional Personalised Service
    4.4 Application of Host Communications

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for professionals working in the hospitality industry, particularly those in roles related to butlership, guest services, supervisory positions, and leadership roles within the hospitality sector. It is also relevant for individuals seeking to provide personalized and exceptional service to VIP guests, high-profile clients, and those interested in cultural awareness, sustainability, and stakeholder relationship building in the context of hospitality services.

Course Duration

  • 16.0 hr(s)

Mode of Assessment

Written Assessment, Oral Questioning, Written Test

Certificate Obtained and Conferred by

  • Upon meeting the attendance and assessment(s) criteria, participants will be awarded with a digital Statement of Attainment (SOA), accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore.
  • Upon meeting the attendance and assessment(s) criteria, participants will be awarded with a digital Certificate of Completion from NTUC LearningHub.

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